In 2013, the award-winning movie Her “had much of the earth (and me) smitten. It was an enjoyable movie that demonstrated the lead actor Joaquin Phoenix falling in love with a computer system driven by Artificial Intelligence. The man-machine love story was extremely deep and moving it posed the question: how smart have machines become? Turns out, so much.

Chatbots originally made an appearance in 1966. She was known as ELIZA. (Yes, the bot wasn’t only christened but also provided a pronoun). Created by German researcher Joseph Weizenbaum, the bot had about 200 lines of code and was able to mimicking human conversations so accurately she may fool others into believing that she was human! ELIZA’s ability to pass the Turing test, a test to measure intelligence based on how well it is able to impersonate human behavior, was what made her popular. In 1972, ELIZA was replaced by PARRY – a more sophisticated version, which received the nickname ELIZA with an Attitude “. From thereon, the bots simply kept getting bolder, better, and well, reduced in dimension.

Chatbots have even taken on human abilities, thanks to modern day technology. We have chatbots for customer services meaning another time a person inquires about when their order is delivered, it may be a chatbot answering their query. That’s not all of it. In case you cannot ascertain the reason your baby is red with rashes, a chatbot will allow you to deal with a doctor’s appointment. Likewise, other sectors for example banking and insurance also use chatbots. Bots can respond to relevant questions, coordinate tasks, create financial claims, and also order pizza with your selection of toppings, by making use of natural conversation patterns. In accordance with Mircosoft’s CEO Satya Nadella, bots are the new apps. Chatbots are expected to interrupt the insurance business, disrupting pretty traditional business models by making it possible for conversational interactions compared to apps where consumers navigate between fixed pages and drop down menus. Several of the main Insurance companies that have previously embraced chatbots include things like Allianz, Link4 of Poland, Co-op Banking Group, Nationale Nederlanden insurance, Credit Agricole of France, and RBC insurance in Canada.

My favorite cartoons as a kid had been the Flintstones and the Jetsons, 2 different and utopian worlds, centuries apart, a proven way before my time along with the other way far into the future, I thought I would never ever see it. As it turned out, I could have a bit harmed technology.
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